Absence Advisement Protocol

Too many undocumented absences by a student or a student who is tardy too often without the  appropriate advisement before or after the date(s) tardy will result in the student being given an official warning, along with possibly being placed on probation or moved to a lower level training group (if space is available in a lower group).  Continued failure to adhere after the official warning is issued will  more than likely result in the student being released from the club.

The above steps are to ensure that only those who are serious about being part of the club and wish to continue to advance in the sport will do so.  It also allows us to:

  • apply the dedicated attention that each serious student deserves for training purposes
    (if we do not receive advisement of tardy/absence in advance, classes sometimes begin late to ensure that a person does not miss important club updates)
  • open spaces in the Intermediate – Elite Level Groups to allow existing students to advance
    (each group in JOAD and AAP has a maximum capacity amount based on the group level)
  • open spaces in the Beginning Level Group to allow new students to be invited to join
    (the beginning JOAD group has a maximum capacity of 9 allowed / the AAP group has a maximum complete capacity depending on the group situation)

Reporting Absences

Students must submit an absence advisement ahead of a date(s) that they intend to miss, unless it is a last minute reason, so that the coaches know the student will not be in class and the class should not be held up.

Students may submit also an advisement after a missed class, if it was a last minute reason, but it must be done no less than 3 days after the class was missed.

If a student intend to take an entire month off for personal or school/work reasons, please use the form to advise of this so the appropriate notes can be placed in the student’s profile, before the month in which the time off is intended so that invoicing does not occur for that month.  If the student comes to class at least once that month, they will be billed per usual for the whole month (no pro-rating).

Failure to adhere, will result in a “mark” placed on the student’s profile. 

Reporting Tardiness

Being tardy often holds the class up from starting on time for other students and so this for courtesy to the other students.

Students who know they will be tardy to a class (even the morning ofshould submit an advisement to let the coaches know so they know not to hold up class for the student.

Students who were tardy, but did not realize they would be ahead of time, should still submit an advisement acknowledging the tardy within 3 days after the date they were tardy.

Failure to adhere, will result in a “mark” placed on the student’s profile.