Welcome California Indoor Archers!

You will now be able to view upcoming club session dates, upcoming pin shoot dates, results from previous pin shoots,
suggested tournaments and MUCH MORE!

Please remember to arrive no less than 15 minutes before a class to stretch and setup
and 30 minutes before a Pin Shoot date to stretch, setup and fill out scorecards (double scoring)

Please also wear comfortable sneakers or running shoes if you are in one of the JOAD groups

JOAD: Beg. (code-name: “Agents“)
JOAD: Int. (code-name:”Operatives“)
JOAD: Adv. (code-name:”Rangers“)
JOAD: Elite. (code-name:”Special Forces“)

South Bay Archery Lessons
June 1, 2020
Limited size CIA classes during 2020 due to COVID-19 safe distancing requirements

A maximum of 11 students per class has been implemented during COVID-19 and assigned class schedules and lane assignments will be listed each month on the “COVID-19 Class Schedules for 2020” page.

To be added to the schedule each month you must have agreed to the terms on the “COVID-19 Return To Class Form

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