We do our best to be at each tournament as competitors and as coaches to support all of the students and members of the California Indoor Archers (aka “the CIA”), our competitive club.  

Below is a list of suggested tournaments to possibly register for in the coming months.  Please reach out to Coach Lani or Coach Paul if you have any questions regarding the information given or if you need additional information or assistance with registering for a tournament.

We will also list upcoming range closures on this section, particularly during holiday seasons and tournament seasons.

2022 Cotton Boll Classic

Oak Valley Elementary School 24500 Rd 68, Tulare, CA, United States

Tournament Details The Cotton Boll Classic is a 1440 / 4 Distance Outdoor round.Attention Barebow Archers:  Barebow archers will shoot a single distance so that if a record is set it will qualify for World status.  Bowman and Cubs shoot 30 meters and all others shoot 50 meters.  Same distance both days.VI (visually impaired): 30M both days […]

Below is a list of additional archery associations and websites that also advise of upcoming tournaments that we may or may not already have listed above:

Logo(s)(hyperlinked)Association / Website Name
Tournament Levels AvailableAdditional Notes
"This is for Score"
California Bowman Hunters (CBH)

State Archery Association (SAA)
International Field Archery Association (IFAA)
National Field Archery Association (NFAA)
State Archers of California (SAC)
USA Archery (USAA)
World Archery (WA)
(formerly known as "FITA")