Tournament Credits

Any active full monthly member who competes in a weekend tournament (representing the California Indoor Archers) whereby missing normally scheduled class will receive 1 class credit (equivalent to 25% off in monthly membership line item section only) off their following month’s invoice.

  • This includes if the range chooses to close for the date(s) of a particular charity or state level tournament (on-site or off-site), so that students and coaches will specifically be able to attend the tournament as a club and as part of their ongoing archery experience to apply what they have been training for
    • Examples (when 12 or more members usually register): State Indoor Championships, International Vegas Shoot, Shoot For A Cure series tournaments, Cotton Boll Championship, State Outdoor Championship

  • JOAD Elite & AAP (Sunday) students who participate in club attended tournaments held as a Saturday only event will still be allowed to receive the same credit type even if their normally scheduled class is not cancelled, since they still competed along with the rest of the club, in addition to the following reasons:
    • JOAD Elite also has a much higher tournament participation requirement to fulfill than any other JOAD groups in the club.
      Participants of an all day Saturday tournament may also become tired/sore and wish to abstain from class the following day (Sunday)
    • AAP has older adults up to age 80, that often become tired/sore after an all day Saturday tournament and may choose not attend class the the following day due to this reason (Sunday).

If this tournament is combined with or in conjunction (piggy-backed) with other tournament(s) that are the same date(s), the student will only receive 1 class credit for the weekend competed.

Missed classes for any other reasons will be not be credited for.  Following months will not be pro-rated per the “Student Absences” section details, if classes were missed the prior month.