Steps Of Shooting

Step #Step NameKey Points Of This Step
01Stance (Posture)Feet:

  1. Bow side foot should be in front of the “Target Line” with the toe facing target at an angle: 5-15°

  2. String side foot should be behind the “Target Line” with the toe facing target at and angle: 25°

  3. Arrow Line should be perpendicular to the toe of the Bow side foot and intersect at a “T” at the String side foot

  4. 60% pressure on toes / 40% pressure on heels

  5. 50% on Bow side foot / 50% pressure on String side foot

  • Knees are locked

  • Glutes are tight

  • Stomach tight

  • Shoulders are relaxed

  • Head is facing target

  • 02Nock

    1. The arrow nock is placed under the “Nock Locator”

    2. The “Indicator” fletching (usually the different color) facing towards the archer

    3. The “Primary” fletchings (usually the two that are the same color) facing towards the bow.

    03Hook / GripHook (String Hand):

    1. Pointer / Index finger is placed above the nocking locator

    2. Both the Middle and Ring finger are placed below the nocking locator

    3. Thumb and pinky are relaxed and off of the string (suggestion: touch your pinky & thumb together to keep them out of trouble)

    Grip (Bow Hand):

    1. “Pivot Point” is pushed into the bow at the grip

    2. Thumb is pointing at a 90° angle to the the riser

    3. Pointer / Index finger is pointing down along the side of the grip on the archer’s side of the bow

    4. Bow arm is straight but relaxed


    1. Bow hand is pushed into the grip at the “Pressure Point” of the palm

    2. 20% pressure is applied to the Bow hand by slightly pulling the string back with the String hand to the target side of the lower ribs

    3. Arrow at about a 45° to the ground


    1. This is simply the act of “Raising the bow” with the Bow arm

    2. The String hand follows the bow arm up, keeping contact with the sting at all times

    3. The String hand will end at the Bow arm arm-pit area (just slightly below the top of the should) with 60% pressure applied to the bow

    06Draw to load

    1. 80% pressure is applied to the bow as the String hand draws the string back to the middle of chest, ending about 1 inch under the final “Anchor Point”


    1. The String hand comes up “Anchor Point”

    2. The Bow arm moves slightly up as the String hand does

    3. The anchor is solid with NO space in between the anchor and the String hand

    Barebow Recurve / Longbow / Traditional:

    1. Tip of String hand Index / Pointer finger is at or touching the corner of the archer’s mouth

    2. Pivot point of String hand is cupped and LOCKED around the back of the archer’s jawbone (near the ear)

    3. Thumb of the String hand is locked underneath the jawbone of the archer

    Olympic Recurve / FITA Recurve:

    1. Index / Pointer finger of the String hand is against the bottom of the archer’s jawbone

    2. Thumb of the String hand pressed against the neck of the archer


    08Transfer to hold

    09Aim / Expand

    10Release / Follow-through

    11Feedback / Reflection