CIA Club Roster

For specific dates/times please check ” JOAD & AAP: Special COVID-19 Class Schedules For 2020″
Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) –> ages 8 – 20 ONLY
JOAD: Beg. (“Agents”) –> First 4 Saturdays
JOAD: Int. (“Operatives”) –> First 4 Saturdays
JOAD: Adv. (“Rangers”)–> First 4 Saturdays
JOAD: Elite (“Special Forces”) –> First 4 Sundays

Adult Archery Program (AAP) –> ages 21+ ONLY
AAP: Beg. – Elite –> First 4 Sundays


  1. look for when you or your child’s 3 months complimentary equipment rental (new students only) ends as a $40 equipment rental fee will be applied to the student’s monthly membership invoiec each month following, starting in month #4 UNLESS the student acquires their own equipment (HI-TECH ARCHERY – Fullerton, CA)

  2. look when the annual renewal will occur for you or your child as an the annual renewal rate will be added to the normal $100/month invoiced rate.

  3. Please remember that EACH year upon annual renewal payment, the associated student is entitled to receive new items as part of their new annual membership, but we must be advised that they need them (each year 1 additional: CIA club polo shirt/year, red stretchband for form warm-up, blue stretchband for strength warm-up, CIA handbook).
First NameLast NameGroup: LevelOfficial First Class Date
(rejoin date if applicable)
YYYY JoinedAnnual Renewal Month every year
AndreaHsuAAP: Beg.11/08202011 (November)
JuliaKennedyAAP: Beg.10/04202010 (October)
EstherAlbanoAAP: Beg.09/06202009 (September)
NovaYangAAP: Beg.09/06202009 (September)
Hyun KaraKimAAP: Beg.09/06202009 (September)
ZoeFlamJOAD: Beg.09/0202009 (September)
SamanthaSimonJOAD: Beg.08/01202008 (August)
JakeLyleJOAD: Int.08/01202008 (August)
MatthewBurnett (Jr)JOAD: Beg.07/04202007 (July)
LaraDesaiJOAD: Beg.07/04202008 (August)
ZainKaruJOAD: Beg.02/15202002 (February)
RikiFukayamaJOAD: Int.11/10201811 (November)
GabrielGutierrezJOAD: Int.10/19201910 (October)
James-Elliott AkiraHahnJOAD: Int.02/02201902 (February)
ThomasHarderJOAD: Int.special instance
CaitlinMcNaughtJOAD: Int.08/18201808 (August)
RishitPattanashettiJOAD: Int.01/18201901 (January)
DannySmithJOAD: Int.09/07201909 (September)
SammiSmithJOAD: Int.09/07201909 (September)
RyanUmJOAD: Int.12/07201912 (December)
DiegoVelezJOAD: Int.06/15201906 (June)
ThyDoJOAD: Adv.08/18201808 (August)
KameronJohnsonJOAD: Adv.05/06201705 (May)
IanLeeJOAD: Adv.06/30201806 (June)
SophieLoewnerJOAD: Adv. 09/07
09 (September)
RyanSchillingJOAD: Adv.10/05201910 (October)
AidanCessorJOAD: Elite04/02201604 (April)
EleanorCorzineJOAD: Elite03/10201803 (March)
JimmyHuhJOAD: Elite01/27201801 (January)
EllyseLegaspiJOAD: Elite07/06201907 (July)
MatthewLezhanskyJOAD: Elite11/03201811 (November)
CalvinNitsosJOAD: Elite04/02201604 (April)
SabrinaNitsosJOAD: Elite08/17201908 (August)
ZoëShippeeJOAD: Elite04/02201604 (April)
DylanThomsonJOAD: Elite12/08201812 (December)
MackenzieThomsonJOAD: Elite12/08201812 (December)
OlgaIachkovaAAP: Beg.07/14201907 (July)
JeremyLibertorAAP: Adv.06/18201806 (June)
LukeMullinsAAP: Int.03/10201903 (March)
MakanalaniThatcherAAP: Elite12/31201612 (December)
DavidWendlingAAP: Int.05/13201805 (May)