When going to class, an event or a tournament it is always a good idea to arrive slightly early so you are ready to begin when needed.  Below are some suggested times to show up before:

Event TypeSuggested Time To ArriveIf you are late
CIA Weekly Club Session
Private Lesson
Open Shooting
15 minutes earlyThe session will start late for you and will not be made up on the other side
Pin Shoot20 - 30 minutes earlyIf you are only slightly late, then you will have to have a judge do a special equipment
check with you and you miss out on your 2 practice ends and they cannot be made up.
In some cases this will also keep other archers from being able to start
on time if there is no judge available to do your equipment check right away.

If you are really late, you might miss the whole pin shoot
or be frustrated when you first begin, which is a terrible way to feel when
you are trying to get achievement pins
Tournament1 - 2 hours earlyIf you are only slightly late, then you will have to have a judge do
special equipment check with you and you miss out on your 2
practice ends and they cannot be made up

If you are really late, you might miss your first few
SCORING end, which cannot always be made up and
so you will start with those ends as all MISS and that can hurt
your final tournament score significantly.

January 9, 2021

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California Indoor Archers Club
Primary Reasons To Join USA Archery (USAA)

  • Required after earning your 4th Achievement Pin  (in order to earn pins #5 and above or to move on to the Intermediate and Advanced group levels)
  • Required to attend most tournaments at state, national or international level.  Also required in some local tournaments held at outdoor archery ranges that require archers to have USA Archery insurance coverage to participate in tournament(such as El Dorado Park or Discovery Park)
Please note, that this is a separate membership from the California Indoor Archers membership which is a club that trains archers only
Archers are responsible for registering and managing their own USA Archery (USAA) membership if they wish to achieve higher pins or attend tournaments

Competing archers are also eligible to earn JOAD and Adult Club Achievement Awards and World Archery STAR Performance Awards.

Eligible to participate in all national, regional, local, state, collegiate**, virtual and NFAA sanctioned tournaments as well as open international competitions. Some events may have additional qualification criteria beyond USA Archery membership requirements.

Earn points according to the National Ranking System for National Ranking and Records*.

Members can enjoy the discount programs created for USA Archery members by United and more!

Members are eligible to receive a Range Pass once they meet an additional set of requirements (Background Screening, SafeSport Training, USA Archery Membership). A Range Pass is required for any club employee, volunteer, coach, judge or member who has routine access to minors within a USA Archery or Club event or activity.

Enjoy monthly newsletters with information about membership, USA Archery events, tournaments and more.

Covers USA Archery sanctioned activities. Members with a current instructor or coach certification also receive Coach Liability Insurance (USA Archery Certification, Background Screening and SafeSport required).

An All-Access USA Archery membership is required for eligibility for International Team Staff selection.

Members who are 18 and older as of February 1st of the membership year have the right to vote in USA Archery elections. Please provide your date of birth prior to February 1st to be included on the voting list.

    A developmental coach of the year nominee is coach of a youth club, school or junior-level coach, or a coach directly responsible for coaching athletes to the junior and/or elite level. This award is based on the accomplishments from October 1st through September 30th.

    A volunteer coach of the year nominee is a coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching. This award is based on the accomplishments of the coach from October 1st through September 30th.

    The “Doc” Counsilman Science award is for a coach that utilizes scientific techniques/equipment as an integral part of his/her coaching methods, or has created innovative ways to use sport science. This award is based on the accomplishments from October 1st through September 30th.
  • Adult (AAP group members)
  • Collegiate
    • Only for those in a college club or team (must be able to provide proof of this to USAA at time of registration)
  • Youth (JOAD group members)
  • Family
  • Adult – Partner Association
Please do NOT join as a temporary or recreational membership as these expire after either one use or a very short, specified time-frame and is not a full membership type

Information To Know While Registering

Your Age Category
(based on the OLDEST age you will be by December 31 @ 11:59pm in THAT calendar year):


    • Master 70+ (age 70 and over)
    • Master 60+ (age 60 – 69)
    • Master 50+ (age 50 – 59)
    • Senior (age 21 – 49)
    • Junior (age 18 – 20)
    • Cadet (age 15 – 17)
    • Cub (age 13 – 14)
    • Bowman (age 8 – 12 / age 10 -12)
    • Yeoman (age 8 – 9) – very rare option

Your Bow Style/Division:

    • Barebow / Barebow Recurve
    • Olympic Recurve / FITA Recurve
    • Compound
    • Longbow / Traditional

Club To Associate With:

    • California Indoor Archers (CA)