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Below is a calendar/list of

  • Tournaments (charity, local, state, national, international, etc) that you may be interested in learning more about and registering for. We hope that you will try at least one!
  • Dates when the range will be closed.  Some we will be closing the range for if we go to an event or tournament as a club of 10 or more students!
  • California Indoor Archers club sessions, pin shoots and other club member only event
  • Club Membership Invoice Dates
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The Vegas Shoot 2021 – Virtual Edition at South Bay Archery Lessons (All Vegas Shoot Registrants – Line 14)

April 12 @ 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


The first weekend of the month long virtual tournament will be for “active” California Indoor Archers only, to ensure continue health and safety of both the range and our members.  There will be 4 time lines over the course of 2 days.  There will be up to 11 participants allowed to register per time line, to ensure safe practices during COVID-19.  Each line will shoot a 900 round (3 rounds of 300), with a 10-15 minute break for participants in between as needed to ensure we are able to get through all 90 arrows within the allotted time.  Archers should have all of their equipment ready to go at the time of the event and may stow their bags under one of the benches in the hall if needed.  There will be no equipment check for this event. If an archer arrives late, they may forgo their practice ends and the case of extreme tardiness may forgo “scoring ends”, depending on their time.

Should a club member register for the Vegas Shoot 2021 (through the Vegas Shoot website only) and then wish to register for a lane at our range the first weekend, then there will be NO lane charge (normally $45/participant) since we are hosting this weekend specifically for the club members only.  This is only applicable to Saturday, March 13, 2021 or Sunday, March 14, 2021.  We would also submit scores on behalf of the club members as long as we receive all required Vegas Shoot information in the lane registration form for each participant.

Should a club member register for a date that is not within in the first weekend but is one of the Mondays we will be hosting the general public, then they will be required to pay the regular $45/participant lane fee in addition to their Vegas Shoot registration.  This required fee is since we require a “hold” for each lane during the Mondays to ensure participants will show, since we have to close down the range and come in on our normal Mondays off for 5 weeks in order to host the event to those archers who wish to compete from outside of our club.



Makanalani F. Thatcher – Coach Lani
Paul Farbman – Coach Paul


South Bay Archery Lessons
1300 Kingsdale Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90278 United States
+ Google Map
(310) 404-3665

In addition to those tournaments and events that we listed above as being held over the coming months either at South Bay Archery Lessons or another location, we also have compiled a list of some other tournament posting websites below for your convenience should you wish to search further into the coming year.

 USA Archery (USAA)

“USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery, and is the organization recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee for the purpose of selecting and training men’s and women’s teams to represent the U.S. in the Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games. USA Archery also selects teams for World Championships, World Cups and other international competitions annually.”  – from USA Archery website

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

“The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery, and is the largest field archery organization in the World. Founded in 1939, the NFAA now consists of 49 chartered state associations and nearly 1,000 affiliated clubs. The NFAA promotes numerous shooting styles including freestyle, freestyle limited, barebow, competitive bowhunter, bowhunter freestyle, freestyle limited, recurve, and traditional.”  – from the National Field Archery Association website

State Archers of California (SAC)

“The State Archers of California (SAC) is the state affiliate of USA Archery (USAA/NAA), the National Governing Body for Olympic archery in the United States. SAC’s objective is to promote and encourage archery throughout the state of California. California residents attain SAC membership concurrent with and integral to their membership in USA Archery.”  – from The State Archers of California website

California Bowmen Hunters / State Archery Association (CBH / SAA)

“California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association(CBH/SAA), a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, was organized to promote, defend and champion the causes of both target and hunter archers throughout the State of California.”  – from the California Bowmen Hunters / State Archery Association website


This Is For Score

“Find opportunities to participate in qualifiers and tournaments in southern California here.”  – from the This Is For Score website

World Archery (FITA)

“World Archery is the international governing body for the sport of archery. Its mission is to promote and regulate archery worldwide, developing the sport with over 160 member associations through international events, development initiatives and marketing and endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and International World Games Association, among others. It is responsible for setting the rules and regulations for international archery events, organising the World Archery Championships and for the sport at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and World Games.

Founded on 4 September 1931 in Lwow, Poland (now known as Lviv, Ukraine) as Fédération Internationale de Tir à l’Arc or FITA, by seven countries – France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, USA, Hungary and Italy – the international archery federation’s mission was to promote archery worldwide through the unification of rules and development of international events. The name of the federation was officially changed to World Archery at Congress in Turin 2011, following the launch of a modern rebrand in 2009 and the retirement of the FITA identity.”  – from World Archery website


International Field Archery Association (IFAA)

“The IFAA is an archery association that was formally founded 1970 (even though tournaments were already organised in Europe from 1967) when a group of field archers from the USA, Sweden, England, Scotland, Wales and Canada agreed on a set of basic rules by which Field Archery tournaments would be run. We now represent over 50 000 field archers in 45 member countries from all continents. The IFAA is a member of TAFISA, the “The Association for International Sport for All”, an association with over 500 members and which is recognised by the IOC, as well as various other macro bodies.”

Member countries of the IFAA host the World Field Archery Championships in the even years and the World Bowhunter Championships, as well as our Indoor Archery Championships are held in the years after the World Field Championships.”  – from the International Field Archery Association website