With regards to the 2 weeks in March that we will be closed, we will be offering you one of the following when we are advised that we can reopen business. This is only applicable for students who paid in full for March 2020. This is only applicable to the 2 weeks that we are required to be closed and does not apply to those who were out of town or absent for any other reason (per our normal program guidelines).

When we are advised we can reopen, we will be going through to see which students paid in full for March and reach out directly to those students and/or parents of those students to see which of the following options (only one) you wish to take advantage of.  Please do not reach out to us prior to then, this will cut down on missed requests and duplication of the information

Option 1: CIA Member 5 punch-card for Open Shooting ($50 value), not transferable to other CIA members or non-CIA members. Applicable only during regularly scheduled Open Shooting days/time (Tuesday-Friday PM – 8 PM) after the range is allowed to open for business again

Option 2: $50 service credit. Applicable only to the immediate next month’s CIA membership billing cycle (not refunded). This may be applied to either the April or May invoicing, depending on when the range is allowed to open for business again per California requirements (click here to see official COVID-19 state site for updates)

Welcome California Indoor Archers!

JOAD: Beg. (code-name: “Agents“)
JOAD: Int. (code-name:”Operatives“)
JOAD: Adv. (code-name:”Rangers“)
JOAD: Elite. (code-name:”Special Forces“)

Please remember to arrive no less than 15 minutes before a class to stretch and setup
and 30 minutes before a Pin Shoot date to stretch, setup and fill out scorecards (double scoring)

Please also wear comfortable sneakers or running shoes if you are in one of the JOAD groups

You will now be able to view upcoming club session dates, upcoming pin shoot dates, results from previous pin shoots,
suggested tournaments and MUCH MORE!

For real-time updates about
the Coronavirus advisements, tournaments and other club related announcements.

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